Achieve Optimal Health
Feeling overwhelmed by midlife changes? Tired of weight gain, energy dips, and low moods? Ready to debunk the myth that this is "just aging"? Step into this chapter of your life with body confidence and vitality. Embrace a life where optimal health is your new norm.

The Vital Woman Code Program:

Tailored for midlife women: tackle weight, energy, and mood challenges. Combines functional medicine with lifestyle coaching. Personalised nutritional plans and mindset coaching. Boost energy, manage weight, and improve mood. Embrace midlife with body confidence and vitality.

Functional Health Blueprint Consultation:

In-depth consultation for a personalised health journey. Review health history, symptoms, and medical data. Uncover root causes with a holistic approach. Initial plan with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Set the stage for transformative health improvements.

Empowerment Coaching Sessions:

Address mental and emotional barriers to health. Mindset coaching and motivational strategies. Overcome obstacles and set achievable health goals. Enhance mental clarity and emotional resilience. Ideal for a positive, empowered approach to overall well-being.
Hi! My name is Julie Farrelly
Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Welcome to Achieve Optimal Health, founded by a passionate Functional Medicine Specialist and Nurse Practitioner with a rich background in conventional and nutritional medicine. Fueled by personal experiences and a deep dissatisfaction with the 'Band-Aid' healthcare model, I embarked on a mission to transform health care from mere management to prevention and reversal of chronic diseases. With advanced qualifications in Nutritional Medicine, Functional Medicine, and more, I bring a holistic and personalized approach to empower women in midlife to reclaim their vitality, defy their diagnoses, and rewrite their health destinies. Join me on a journey to optimal health that transcends traditional boundaries and embraces true wellness.

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