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I’m Julie Farrelly

Prior to starting my own practice, I worked for many years in a variety of conventional medicine settings where chronic disease is ‘managed’, but not ever reversed. I never felt satisfied with the ‘Band-Aid’ model of health care I was working within and understood the frustrations and challenges that this presents to patients and their families. I knew that lifestyle changes such as nutrition, stress management and gut health were the cornerstone of optimal health.

Combined with the heartbreak of watching my mother (and her mother previously) succumb to the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease, this led me to venture into further study including nutritional and environmental medicine. But something was still missing – until I discovered the power of the Functional Medicine. 

As a Functional Medicine Specialist I am able to integrate conventional medicine with my functional medicine training, in order to prevent and reverse chronic disease in myself, my family and ultimately my clients.

I believe that your diagnoses are not your destiny and that you should have autonomy and control over your health. My clients are often very reassured when they hear that conditions such as obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol don’t just ‘run in the family’ and that common chronic inflammation symptoms like swollen joints, achy muscles, headaches and irritable bowel symptoms aren’t just the consequences of getting older!

My mission is to share my knowledge of the positive impact of integrative and functional medicine on your health – through careful listening, compassion, education, and support – I am there to hold your hand on your journey to healing and achieving optimal health. 

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The truth is, you might have test results or mixed symptoms that don’t make sense and you want someone to connect ALL the pieces for you rather than skipping over everything ‘as best they can’ in a short consultation.



Use my program the Vital Woman Code to ensure that weight gain, fatigue and low mood do NOT have to be a normal part of your life any longer.



Many women come to me with concerns about their thyroid, their digestive system and when menopause is creating major change in their body and life

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I have a very special process to gather all the information and make the most clinically relevant recommendations so you can get a personalised treatment plan.


  • Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner)

  • Certified Applied Functional Medicine Practitioner

  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine

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