Fun and Immunity

I hope that you are doing well considering this crazy moment in time and, information overload. This is why I thought that I would talk to you about what you can do to keep yourself healthy with optimum immunity while making it fun for everyone.

You, like I, are faced with a reality that is full of questions and uncertainty. But what is important amongst all of this craziness, is to maintain normalcy and calm. I know that it is hard to remain calm, but it is necessary for you and, for those around you. Because if you are not well, then how can you support those around you who depend on you for maintaining daily activities of living?

Now of all times, it is important to be centred. Your immune system does not cope well with stress! Your nervous system needs to be calm and healthy also, as it influences your immune system. So on that note, I will list some tips on how you can do this.

Boosting Immunity with Nutrition

Support your immune system and eat healthily. This means to eat fresh fruits and vegetables from all of the colours of the rainbow!

  • Now is the time to get creative and experiment, with all of those lovely fruits and vegetables that are available.
  • Use this time to make those recipes that you’ve got piled up in your kitchen. Get in touch with your inner Master Chef!
  • Preserve fruits and vegetables – this is a great time for you to learn the art of ‘canning’. Preserve those fruits that you love, when they are in season.
  • Fermenting – support your gut health and immune system with lovely kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha. There are lots of websites that can teach you how to do this.
  • Reduce the intake of packaged foods and sugar. As this does not support your immune system.
  • Limit alcohol intake and smoking – it is important that you reduce the intake of oxidants, and increase anti-oxidants. You need to do as much as you can to make sure that your immune function is as strong as possible.
    • Drink green tea
    • Black tea with cinnamon

Fun Immunity Boosting Activities

  • Go for daily walks – take your dog out for a walk, if you have one.
  • Do resistance weight training in your back yard, 2-3 times per week.
  • Take the time to sit out in the sun with a cup of tea, to get your daily Vitamin D boost. As you know Vitamin D is also good for your immune system, not just for your bones.
  • Yoga – to help calm your nervous system. It is also a gentle form of exercising, giving you energy rather than using it. You can do this online, or even better have fun with the WII, if you still have one!!
  • Breathe – if you are feeling overwhelmed with all that is happening, you can practice Box breathing. I recently did a Facebook post on the 19th March 2020. You can search for it in the files section, Functional Medicine for Perimenopuase and Menopause page. This is a great way for you to remain focused and calm. Teach your children, family, and friends.
  • Sleep – having a good night’s sleep and feeling rested is another fun way to support your immunity. Remember to make sure that your bedroom is technology free. Leave those gadgets, including the television out of your room.

Family Fun Immunity Boosting Activities

This is a great time to reconnect with your family and get to know each other. I feel that in today’s way of life, we are all too consumed with being busy. Being out, doing stuff. We do not take the time out to spend it at home – enjoy your home and, your family.

  • Timetable game nights, you can take turns as to what to play. Be this a board game, computer game or cards!
  • Teach your children how to do things like –
    • Sewing on a button, doing the hem on pants.
    • How to bake bread, change the oil or the tyre of your car.
    • If you’re artistic, how to draw, paint, etc
  • Get your children to show you how to do something
    • How to play a computer game.
    • Teach you how to play the guitar, piano, etc

Reference – Fermenting



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