We have talked about what EMF is and how it can negatively impact our health. Now we look at how to reduce the EMF around us, and how we can reduce the impact on our health.

Turn it off

Turning off electrical appliances at the wall greatly reduces the EMF in the home. Particularly things which sit in “stand-by” mode such as the TV or stereo. When they are powered off with the remote they just go to sleep, yet they still draw power.

Purchase a master/slave power board which turns off multiple devices at the flick of a switch. These have a master outlet for one device, and slave outlets for devices that rely on the master. For example, when the tv is not on you don’t need the surround sound, gaming system, or set-top box. Turning off the tv on the power board also turns off all the other devices that are connected to it and saves you money!

Use electrical timers to turn off appliances at night. There isn’t much we need while we sleep. Connect a timer to a power board and set it to turn off at 10 pm and on at 6 am, or whatever time suits you.

Avoid using a microwave, alternatively, just get rid of it. It is amazing how quickly you get used to defrosting frozen foods the night before. Many modern ovens also have a defrost function which is a much safer and healthier option. Most food can be reheated just as quickly in the oven or on the stove as it can in the microwave.

Go wired

There is EMF in any signal that travels through the air. Instead of relying on Wi-Fi, plug your computer in to an Ethernet cable. Choose a shielded twisted pair (STP) or fibre optic cable for the best protection without compromising internet speed.

If you are using a Wi-Fi dongle for your internet, attach it to a USB extension cord and place it as far away from yourself as possible. Similarly, replace the wireless keyboard and mouse for USB ones.

Turn off Wi-Fi on all your devices when they are not in use. It still emits EMF to maintain a connection even when it’s running.

Also, never place the wifi router in a bedroom or near a bedroom wall. Remember wifi can travel through walls.

Mobile phones

Switch your phone to airplane mode when you don’t need an internet connection. This may also be known as offline mode, standalone mode or flight mode. This disables anything that requires a transmission signal such as the internet, messaging and calls. It still allows apps such as MP3 players, games, and the camera.

Never use wireless or Bluetooth earphones when you listen to music or watch videos. Use wired headphones or the phone speaker.

Clean sleep

Reducing EMF in the bedroom can have an enormous impact on your quality of sleep and how you feel the next day.

Never sleep with your mobile phone near your head. Preferably leave it in another room, or at the very least in airplane mode and on the other side of the room.

Avoid mattresses with metal coils. The coils act as an antenna and attract EMF’s. The same goes for electric blankets. Even when they are off, they are a big wired blanket surrounding you with EMF while you sleep.


Take the time to go for walks in nature. Get away from the radio towers and leave your phone at home. Try to find somewhere with poor mobile coverage to relax and recharge.

Unplugging from everything, even for a short time is remarkably refreshing, and the world likely won’t end if you miss a call or two.

Get grounded

Many electrical appliances have a grounding wire. This is to discharge electricity into the ground if anything should go wrong. Grounding (or earthing) allows negative energy to be dispersed into the ground, just as it is for an electrical appliance.

Walking on clean grass or soil barefoot every day allows a connection to the earth without the insulation of rubber-soled shoes.

Alternatively, purchase a pair of grounding shoes which are conductors rather than insulators and allow you to stay connected to the earth.

Whilst these tips can largely reduce the toxic burdens of EMF, much of it is unavoidable. Getting your air, water, light, sound, and food right can help to mitigate the effects of EMF on your body.

Next week we move on to the next in our series of the 6 stressors, food. Come back to see how food can be toxic, what it does to our health, and the steps we can take to healthier eating.

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